Markus Löning

Software Engineering & Machine Learning


Posted at May 23, 2022 16:57:13 — Last modified at May 8, 2024 16:21:54

Currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer, I enjoy building end-to-end products and working in cross-functional teams. I’m particularly interested in time series modelling and open source.

I see much of my website as a living document: I treat most posts as a collection of thoughts and ideas on a particular topic, which I cultivate, shape and prune as I learn more, much like a digital garden.

I completed my PhD at UCL and The Alan Turing Institute. During my PhD, I co-created sktime (now also forked into aeon), a popular open-source Python library that provides a unified framework for machine learning with time series.

Previously, I studied Philosophy & Economics at Bayreuth University, and worked on empirical economics, international trade and climate policy. Previously, I completed my undergraduate degree at Lancaster University.

I enjoy mentoring less-experienced developers and mentored for Google Summer of Code, Outreachy, Major League Hacking and Nuffield Research Placements.

I read on Goodreads. I like to listen to music on and watch films on Mubi.